Meaningful Day

Yeah today it's my birthday
I really sorry days before because I had a mid test so I must study for about one week.
Well, I still looking for my blog for a while.
Actually I still have a test on Monday but I still have some times to study though.

I'm 16 y.o now and I know a lot of responsibility will come to me
And I'm in 2nd grade of school now so I must focus on my future
I think I really love editing layouts and pictures so I hope I could accepted at a design univ
This blog is one of my prove how much I've spent my life to catch my dream
I'm grateful to all of the visitors that kept watching to my blog

Thank you all for giving me some gifts

What I've got from my friends..

from chara (cute isn't it? )

from Jessie

Love, Cyaa Miharu


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