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How much I fed up with G6 -_-
7.4.11 • 7.4.11 • 2 comments
Yeah you know, that song.
"Like a G6" (simply click it to hear it)
This song was like haunting me any where anytime.
Especially in my school.
Do you know why?
Because my dance teacher always use this song to add our free-style dances! (BLAAARGGGHH~)
But IT IS a good song for dance!
The reason why I hate it because it reminds me how difficult to make choreographs.

For a grouped free-style dances, we (me and my friends) made a choreographs with "cute" but "naughty" moves. That time the song that we used is Like a G6. And that time when we already decided the group, we only have 12 hours to prepare for performance in the school. Hell yeah!
Too bad my friend who got the video didn't post it anywhere in the internet, so I just have the photos of us. There's only a few photo. Please check it out!

In ACE event. (School's anniversary)

The first move. I think I should practice to make a good face expression. Hmm..

This one when we change the block with free-style moves. (Pose gue gitu amat padahal cuma krumping ==')

And the last and the worst. Yeah, we should practice in front of the mirror so we didn't make a messy moves. But I like my own face expression there ^^;

Photos' credit goes to my friend.

HEY! Chara has found the video! So I'll put it here.

Some comment for the video.

Yeah we haven't ready yet that time.
As you can see, there were two groups. I'm in the 'girlish' group
• The first dance - boom shake drop
It's the girlish group. we used this choreo before but my teacher said it's okay to use it. In the beginning, we were pretending to have a chit-chat. And then POSE.
We have a different dance style so in the end, it was a mess!
• The second dance - (forgot the title ^^;)
Here comes the 'boyish' group. ^^;
The boys and the girls have their own style.
• The third dance - swing
This dance aimed for the boys. Yeah it's really hard though. Only some people who were chosen for this choreo
• The fourth dance - Whip my hair
Finally we could dance nicely here. Well some of my friends did it wrong. If you can see where were I, I was on the right wing ^^
I don;t know why my friend stand right behind me. She used to be on the right-side behind of me. So I stepped on her feet some times. (Sorry)
• The fifth dance - Digital Bounce
I like this song! After the first blocking, one of my friend did a freestyle dance. I really envy because I really want to dance as good as him haha.
I couldn't see my choreo here. Was it good or not? Hmmm..
• The last - Like a G6
Yeah the end of all. We had some segments here.
First : It's the one who have the best experience in hiphop. He did some popping and any other style may be. (I couldn't recognize it 'till now. =_=;)
Second : My twin sister best friends'. She was good at hiphop. If I could tell the names, they're Ayas (middle), debby (right), and tania (left).
Third : He's going wild. (WTF) Even he regret what had he done (LOL). They're Rikku > not real name haha (mid), uli (right), and piti (left).
Fourth : Everyone who watched this said that it was too vulgar. ^^; They're Dara (mid), botet (right), and icha (left).
Fifth : They're great! Too bad he couldn't lift his leg in the end hahah. They're Audrey (girl) and Ucen (boy).
Sixth : Me and my friends. We are the one who spent the most time to make the choreo. ^^; Nipoy (mid), me (right), and Shali (left).
Seventh : The Krumping duuo. :D The're girls but their style were really cool! They're via (right) and Ismi (left).
Because we have some time left so we decided to grab some of the audiences to dance (LOL)
But I think they have prepared before because they're all were the same grade with us.

That's all. Sorry if you don't really like our dances. And for my friends, sorry if I comment it a bit rough, but I hope we will improve soon!

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