Hello!Project Kids Rank - March

Minna-san, I made a rank of my favourite H!P Kids member.
And the rank for this month..
1. Suzuki Airi

Of course! She's my favorite among all of H!P Kids member. She did well for her newest single both in C-ute and Buono. And I totally love her cover for "Furusato". It matched her voice even more than the other member I think.

2. Kumai Yurina

Afterall she's back to become a lead singer, and I love her voice so much! Even though her voice is a low pitched voice but it was a really cute voice.

3. Okai Chisato

She has improved a lot. Ever since she made a dance cover for some songs, she became more popular. Even she got her own solo concert!

4. Shimizu Saki

Captain is so gorgeous after she let her hair long.(Or may be she used hair extension) I love the way she dance. The coolest one is in Cinderella/Complex. She danced really cool even more than Ai in that PV.

5. Sugaya Risako

Well, she wasn't as 'slim' as the other member but I have to admit that she got a really great voice. And I do like her when she was still kid and in "Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND".

6. Tsugunaga Momoko

As you can see. She IS CUTE, wasn't she? Also she got a characterful voice.

7. Yajima Maimi

She got a gentle personality for me but as you can see, she was an action actress indeed. I like her hair in medium size long like in her e-lineup dvd. It's very cute!

8. Natsuyaki Miyabi

She's beautiful but I don't really like her fake smile.

9. Nakajima Saki

She has improved a lot! Even everyone think that she's the best dancer in C-ute.

10. Sudou Maasa

I don't really like her but I think she has a good voice but she can't act nicely in the PVs. But she looks beautiful and happy when they shot her in dance version.

11. Hagiwara Mai

She's such a scary girl for me. She had a scary face and attitude! Haha what an image maker I am XP

12. Tokunaga Chinami

I didn't say that I hate her but I just can't find which part of her should I like.


Chara-chii aka Chaz said...

*edit dikit ya ;D*
"Sudou Maasa" lho~

Airi is my fave in C-ute along with Maimi, in Berryz it's gotta be Momo-Kumai-Captain XD

Uh, somehow also agree with your opinion on Mai, I'd always think that her face indicates her 'secret nature'... if you know what I mean

Annisa Marsyaulina said...


momo is great but I think she can't get along with the theme of the song. The song is too mature ^^;
Kayak komen temenku, lagu yg baru agak nge-disco tapi momo doang yg ngga bisa mengeluarkan sisi "dewasa"-nya, dia kelewat cute ~

yeah as you can see in the making of videos, even she complaint to nakky about her voice but in a very annoying face -__-

Chara-chii aka Chaz said...

Waktu di Rival atau Maji Bomber!! dia pas sama temanya, tapi pas di Heroine ni Narou ka! dia jadi imut sendiri >.<
hahaha memang dia itu ditakdirkan jadi sosok yang 'forever cute' XD
mungkin sampai tua pun masih tetap kawaii (OMG O.O)

Looks like she's the antagonist here... =w="

Annisa Marsyaulina said...

Momo memang kawaii, tapi masa temenku bilang dia ganteng (O_O)

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