Vocaloid Character - Megurine Luka 「巡音ルカ」

Other Names巡音流歌, 巡音流香 (Unofficial name in Nico Nico Douga Chinese broadcast)
Release DateJanuary 30th, 2009
Height162 cm
Weight45 kg
Optimum GenreLatin, Jazz, Pop ESUNO (house dance elctronica)
Optimum Tempo65 to 145 bpm
Optimum RangeD3 to D5
Character ItemTako (Octopus)

Released on January 30th, 2009, Megurine Luka (Japanese : 巡音ルカ Megurine Luka) is the third Vocaloid2 in Crypton's character series. Her surname combines Meguri (巡, circulate or around) and Ne (音, sound), while the name Luka invokes the homonymous Japanese words of "nagare" (流, flow) and "ka" (歌, song) or "ka" (香, scent); thus making "songs to all around the world as scent spreads." Yū Asakawa provided the "moody yet husky female voice" for the "cool, somewhat mysterious" character.

Unlike its previous two characters, Crypton advertised Luka's 3GB vocal database as "Japanese/English bilingual," and chose her name to express its hope that she will transcend borders and cultural barriers. Luka was designed by the Japanese illustrator Kei, who had previously created the designs for Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin and Len. However, unlike previous mascots in the series, her costume is not based on a school uniform.

Only a few days after her release, many songs were produced. On the 70th Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (February 2, 2009), many of Luka's songs appeared in the Top 30, knocking the very popular "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru" and songs produced by ryo (with the exception of "Melt") right out of the Top 30. "RIP=RELEASE" had taken the #1 spot, and had earned a total of 843,233 points, making it the song with the highest one-week score.

Source : Vocaloid Wiki
Picture © Kei


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