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明けましておめでとう! Hello 2017! (200th Post)
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How was it like to have an 8 years old (not-so-active) blog?

I never knew I've gone this far since I tried blogger but hey, 8 years?! Never knew I'm so attached with this blog and dedicate myself since the first time knowing anime until now I've been learning Japanese? That's such a long way! At first, I was just a kid mesmerized by a new world called internet and spent hours just to find how fun it is to talk with other people you don't even know in real life. Until then I met a dream-like forum (yeah, dream like, because it was so fun until they made it premium) that made me love html and css codes. Then I found out this blogger can also be decorated by css and there goes my youth. A year later, I was introduced with Vocaloid and I fell so deep inside that brought me the urge to sing all of the songs. But, sometimes it will be hard to find the lyric so I tried to romanized it from Japanese through some sort of converter. I felt so proud with myself because I finally could read those words when actually, I was far from knowing even the most basic kanji. Until finally, I don't know what had possessed me to choose Japanese studies for my major. It was worth it though. Somehow I felt like my eyes were opened and now here I am, working around with Japanese language as my tool.

Anyway, let's take a moment to celebrate my 200th post!! (200 posts in 8 years? lol pathetic) Since it's a new year and a time to celebrate, I'm changing my theme into a new one~ I hope it is easier to navigate and also, if you think it's not friendly enough to your eyes, please tell me and I'll figure out what to do. I'm actually really hoping for your comments because I feel so lonely. *lol* Yeah I know I'm not very active and socialize with another blogger but yeah I'm just greedy ^^:

Aaaand it's finally 2017, huh? Welcome 22 years old me! The resolution for this year? I just hope I would find a better job next time and enjoying my youth. Like, hello, I'm still 22 so I guess I still need time to enjoy my freedom. I'm really hoping I could travel around, especially east asian, whether alone or with friends. Let's hope it will soon come true >.< Lastly though, I want to thank everyone who's been taking care of me on 2016! I hope you guys a wonderful year!


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