A quick update in the middle of busy weeks..

Konbanwa minna-san! Genki desuka? :D
I'm very sorry to not update this blog frequently. DX
A lot of things to do and it's my last year on High School T^T (kebanyakan tugas apa kebanyak RP, sya? -__-)

Here I want to share some things and wanna ask for suggestion from you guys ^^
  • I want to have a big update for this site, well only for the theme.. ^^;
    But seriously, should I change my theme to my previous theme or just edit this current theme? D:
    Please give me your suggestion on my shout box over there ------------>
    The comment box here can't be use atm~
  • There are some changes on ma face LOLOL~
    I took a new pic from my phone <3
  • mwahaha my chin~~~
  • Few weeks ago me and my friends recorded our singing for the first time :'D
    But i won't post it here! >:P
    But there's an LQ sample of my voice.. It's very bad though -,-
    If you really want to hear it, >>click here<< (taken with my cellphone's mic and i use falsetto here -,- and my pronunciation s**ks)

I guess that's all for now guys!
Sorry once again >.<
Ja mata~ ^^


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