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Hello!Project Kids Rank - April
22.5.11 • 22.5.11 • 0 comments
Sorry everyone~
It's already end of May but I haven't post my H!P Kids ranking for April wew
And the rank for this month..
1. Suzuki Airi

Well, she is my bias, I can't even change her place for months may be :P
Eventhough she only got a few line in Momoiro Sparkling but I think she did it great. She can match her voice with the theme (this song has a really cute theme). >w< 2. Kumai Yurina

Not much comment. I just wondering why she didn't have much fans afterall?

3. Okai Chisato

Still, she has a great voice. Eventhough she can't match her voice with cute theme that's why she got a lot of lines in Momoiro Sparkling I think), we still can enjoy hearing her voice.

4. Natsuyaki Miyabi

Big change? Yes! She's really beautiful and photogenic. Right now on Berryz she look like one of the youngest member. She got a nice cute costume/hairstyle meanwhile the others get a more "mature" costumes.

5. Yajima Maimi

Another boosted up. She was really great. You can see how gorgeous she is in "Ran" stage play. And I think her aura is brighter lately (LOL. don't know what should I say)

6. Sugaya Risako

I've been pity with her makeup-styler because she looks so old with her makeup. I think she will much pretty without a lot of makeup. She is naturally pretty.

7. Tsugunaga Momoko

Hmmm.. I don't have any comment though~

8. Shimizu Saki

It's not because I dislike her, but it's the others that make me want to put them in a good position so captain get down ^^;

9. Nakajima Saki

I think her voice become a little stronger lately. But still I can hear her exhausted while singing in the concert. But I like her when she encourage the audience to sing along.

10. Hagiwara Mai

She make a good couple with Chissa in many ways. That way she could express a good face expression I think. Because I don't like her stare at all haha. And I think she's the one who got the most mistakes in dance.

11. Tokunaga Chinami

Have you seen her trying to speak english in Seattle? She is so cute. She's energetic but she could be ashamed sometimes. ^w^

12. Sudou Maasa

I think she have to practice how to pose well LOL~

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