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Hello 2014!
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It's been a long long time not posting about myself, eh? Did people miss me? /slapped/
Okay sorry for being random. I actually want to keep this blog active but since I don't know what to do, I edited the old posts instead. Did anyone notice it? I add all the kanji and color code it when I could. It's fun though to rearrange everything and they look neat.

What I've been through this year? Well right now I'm in the middle of a big project (personal though). Wanna know what is it?
I'm trying to make my own agenda! ((YAAAY))
Because I make it myself, I can layout and put everything that I like in it. I'm also making it for my two besties X) The main theme is no other than A Pink! The current cutest korean girl group o v o I always missed the time to order their season greetings and my mom didn't allow me that's why.. /sobs in a corner/ I always want cute things from them like really. Now I want to make it myself then with my own style B)
Want a bit sneak peek?

Oops stop there!
I'll remain the rest as secret because.. well they're for private use only.

So until this year I'm still waiting for a new banner made by my friend (yes hand-drawn ♥w♥) and I hope it'll be finished soon ;w; And looks like I won't change this theme for a while. Two weeks from now I'll be back to my campus life and I hope my nihongo will be much better and I can romanized more lyrics easily or even put the translation! (well I hope) But I still hate the condition where I can't have korean class this semester /sobs/ Isn't it cool to master both of the language? *Q*

That's a bit update from the girl who still want to become an idol but lack of permission from parents me. Let's face this year cheerfully! Hwaiting!!


My vision is aiming for the sun but my heart is attached with the moon. Can't decide whether chase the sun or embrace the moon.




*I'm also accepting request here!


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