Confession of Self-minded Princess

This isn’t a true story...

It’s just how I interpret my own life

I never thought I’ve treat myself like a princess
The princess with a lot of restriction as if she’s fragile
Those unwritten laws burden her to freedom
That’s what she thought

Without mentioning the truth
She knows that every burden come from herself
She’s the one who made she think she couldn’t
Is it because she feels comfort with them? 

—Don’t be a baby! Just go broke the rules!—

As for the little princess,
those words meant nothing
But for her grown up self
Those feeling of being struck by lightning
Have I really grown up?

Time will never feel tired
The princess has to go by her own feet
Breaking through barricade surrounding her courage
Being fully independent
The runaway princess..

Just a random work of mine.
I was thinking about myself earlier and I was surprised about how I made an OC that is a princess.
That means, I interpret myself as a princess, right?
Furthermore, people in 'RP' keep calling me princess, I wonder why ^^;
And this writing (don't know if it's poem or what) pops in accidentally..
Err.. correct me if I got wrong grammar here!


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